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All photos online!

After being back just over a month I have finally finished sorting and uploading photos. They are now all online and ready for viewing. You can find them in the gallery. There are a lot of photos but hopefully they are organised in such away that you will be able to browse them easily. We divided them into 4 main sections:

We hope you enjoy looking through them.

Happy New Year!


Rich & Vicki


Big Adventure…done.

Travel dates: 2nd December 2013

Location: Berrylands

Well that was a long day. We are now back home in Berrylands. We were up at 4:30am Malaysian time and it is now 10:30pm UK time. Without the time difference that is an 18 hour day. Add in the 8 hour difference though and we have been awake for 26 hours (except for the short nap on the first flight).

The day didn’t start too well when we went to reception to check out of our Penang hotel (1926 Heritage Hotel if you are interested). We were greeted by our taxi driver who had managed to lock his keys in his car. Fortunately the hotel had already phoned to arrange a replacement taxi for us and there was no significant delay. We even saved 7 ringit in the price difference between the pre-ordered and last minute taxi. That was cancelled out though when the hotel “forgot” to give us back our key deposit when we checked out. In the fuss of sorting taxis it also slipped our minds too. Hopefully they will find a way to honour it and return it to us though.

At the airport we began our two leg trip back via KL. First a 55 minute hop and then a 12:25 marathon leg with luckily only a 2 hour stopover in KL. The flight was a flight like any other. We got what you expect from long haul economy. Quite a few films, mediocre food, lots of very noisy children and lack of sleep. I did entertain myself with quite a lot of Christmas music at least.

The taxi from Heathrow had no issues with locking in keys however his hand brake warning light did beep the whole way home.

Unpacking will have to wait for tomorrow as this evening we went off to running club. 4 miles was a refreshing change to the rest day sitting on the plane. We are now tucked up in bed and Steve has forgiven us already and come for a cuddle. So ends our big adventure, a story of Berrylands to Beijing, beyond and back again.