Monthly Archives: August 2013


Finishing work

Vicki and I are now in our last week of work before our career break. We both finish on Friday 30th August leaving us just over 2 weeks of free time before our journey begins. This will give us time for final planning and packing. Hopefully we will also get a bit of time to relax at home so we are well rested and raring to go.

The end of work starts to make the trip a bit more real and builds the excitement. We are now under 3 weeks away from travelling. Soon we will have lots of exciting tales to fill these pages. Watch this space…


We have a website, we must be ready to go.

Welcome to Berrylands to Beijing (and beyond). Vicki and Rich are planning a big adventure across Europe and Asia, travelling from Berrylands to Beijing. We will then continue on through China and Thailand. Follow us on our travels using this site.

We are coming to the end of our planning stages and are looking forwards to our departure date on 16th September 2013.

(For the record, we may have a website but we are definitely not ready to go.)