Richy Balboa

Travel Dates: 21st – 22nd April 2014

Location: Philadelphia

First stop in Philadelphia was a cheesesteak at Steve’s Prince of Steaks. I went for a “wiz wit”. That would be cheesesteak with cheese wiz (cheese in a can) and onions. Vicki had mozerella on hers. Both were delicious! Well worth the trip out to Philadelphia.


With the import part of our sightseeing (food!) covered we headed to the historic area. The main site here is the Independence Hall where the Declaration of Independence was signed. Although you are meant to get a ticket in the morning we only arrived on our bus in the afternoon so had to sneak onto a tour. I think they allowed us in because they like having a few Brits present when talking about the signing of the Declaration of Independence, just to rub it in a bit. We were very impressed by the knowledge of the kids on their history. Luckily we weren’t picked on to answer any questions. We had no idea who the second president was and couldn’t tell you what George Washington did after leaving the army. We are now much better informed and can tell you the declaration wasn’t signed on 4th July, John Adams was the second president and George Washington gave up his power as a general to go back to his farm.



An afternoon walking around the old city was extremely pleasant in the sunshine. There are lots of historic buildings and attractive alleyways to explore. We had a much needed sit down for a drink on the waterside before returning to our hotel to meet people for dinner. We headed to a typical American chain restaurant, Olive Garden, with Paul and Prarthna Skinner. They are friends of Tom’s who were at the wedding and staying at the same hotel as us here in Philly. We have quite a few mutual friends through the banking world and have met a few times before in London. Very pleasant evening despite terrible service finished off with frozen yogurt in the hotel lobby. We were staying in Club Quarters Philadelphia which is well worth it, very comfortable and lots of free snacks and drinks.


After dinner we needed to arrange our transport to Washington DC. I thought we could get a good deal on a train. I saw a train leaving at 10:45 and arriving at 12:35 on 22nd April. Sadly I didn’t take note of the am/pm which were the wrong way round. I actually managed to book the train after it had left Philadelphia, as we were still in our hotel and not on it, this was problematic. A frantic call to Amtrak resolved the situation at least. Instead we went for the tried and tested method and booked another Greyhound bus ride.

In the morning we were up early to get a run in. There was one more thing we wanted to do before leaving Philadelphia. We ran down to the Museum of Art which was made famous in the Rocky training montage where he ran up the steps. We did the same with the instantly recognisable “Gonna Fly Now” playing as we made it up to the top. Add the music yourself (Rocky Training Montage) and watch our version. I think you will find it is far better than the original.

Richy Balboa


Next stop Washington DC.

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2 thoughts on “Richy Balboa

  1. martinandjohn

    Good to read the wedding went well.
    Weren’t they taking a risk having it outdoors at this time of year?
    Haven’t you been to Philli already Richard?
    We thought you had been whilst on your 3 month placement.
    By the time you get to Florida it should be getting really warm there.
    We’re off to sunny Devon next week for the May Bank Holiday.
    Then, when Bruce gets back we are all three going to Budapest for a week towards the end of May.

    1. Richard Kirk Post author

      The indoor/outdoor decision was made last minute. Just a few ours before the wedding when we were confident it would stay fine. Otherwise they had a space indoors for it.

      I have been to philly and Washington before. Still worth seeing again and Vicki’s first trip here.

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