A hire car? We need a canoe!

Friday 20th February – Noosa to Brisbane (Vicki)

Well, as the various posts have mentioned, cyclone Marcia seems destined to make our time in QLD a little damp. Nowhere was this more evident than during our drive down from Noosa to Brisbane.


We had been due to go to Australia zoo on the way down, but it was closed due to flooding. We then decided to go to Lone Pines Koala Sanctuary, just south of Brisbane, but the weather was so appalling that driving any further than necessary just seemed ridiculous.

We did manage to fit in a quick game of glow in the dark, wild west themed mini-golf on the way down – although several diversions were required due to roads being closed due to flooding.


I was definitely breathing a sigh of relief when we made it to the hotel – I would have been quite happy just to hole up in the hotel and hibernate for the rest of the day. However, we were only due to have a day in Brisbane so felt that we should at least see a little bit of the city. To be honest, the rain pretty much tempered everything. I am sure it is lovely in the sun, but it is hard to appreciate Botanical Gardens with rain dripping off your nose.

Our original aim in Brisbane was to run a parkrun and then get an overnight train up to the Whitsundays, but due to Marcia, all parkruns in QLD were cancelled, and as we found out during the day, so was our train. After a frantic half hour trying to sort out alternative transport up to Airlie Beach, we headed to the South Bank to at least have a look at the parkrun course. Mercifully it had stopped raining so we were at least able to appreciate the city by night. There is a big wheel and a mini rainforest, and a lovely peace pagoda just next to the river, as well as a great tapas restaurant (thanks for the recommendation Graham) where we were able to regroup.

After dinner, we headed up to the ‘west end’ to a couple of craft beer bars, and could have got very settled if it wasn’t for the 6.30 alarm call the next day, which would hopefully mean that we would be in the Whitsundays by lunchtime….

Saturday 21st February – Brisbane Airport (Rich)

…unless our plane is struck by lightning and forced to turn back. What are the chances of that happening though? Oh…

With our current luck I can’t see you being surprised that this has happened. We are in the airport waiting for a new plane that is due to take us up to Proserpine. It is a bit concerning that a fire alarm keeps going off on the other side of the airport and rain continues to pour outside. Evacuation would be a very unwelcome diversion at this time.

Our theory is that bad things happen in Brisbane (delayed getting here, cyclone, cancellations, lightning strikes). Once we are out all will be well. As such I figured I would mention this now so we can forget all about it when we are on the beach this afternoon. Let’s just not think about our return journey to Sydney transferring through Brisbane.


2 thoughts on “A hire car? We need a canoe!

  1. martinandjohn

    Now, this time last year………
    the weather was gorgeous: Brisbane was beautiful: Noosa was naturally wonderful:
    driving on the open road was a dream: the sun-rises spectacular and the sun sets soft.
    The beer was cold and the food was hot.
    Restaurants had great menus and prices weren’t those of Melbourne and Sydney.
    You picked the wrong year, mate(s)

    Martin and John (who picked the right year!).

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