Being away travelling is no excuse to skip runs. Actually it is a great opportunity to run in new places and explore. We enjoy doing sight seeing runs which are generally done as a slow pace due to the number of times we stop to look at things and take photos. The photos of our runs will be available in the gallery. Below are a summary of the runs we have done together with links to Fetch Everyone where detail of the runs (taken from garmin) can be seen.

Overall we did 103 miles of running while away. This isn’t a lot compared to what we would have done at home however still pretty good since we were meant to be on holiday. It was all made worthwhile in any case by the victorious trip to Ban San Kamphaeng Mini Marathon.

Location Date Length (miles) Link
Vilnius, Lithuania 19/09/13 4.11 Detail
St Petersburg, Russia 22/09/13 3.11 Detail
Moscow, Russia 25/09/13 4.5 Detail
Yekatrinburg, Russia 29/09/13 5.67 Detail
Listvyanka, Russia 03/10/13 3.25 Detail
Listvyanka, Russia 04/10/13 4.61 Detail
Irkutsk, Russia 04/10/13 3.65 Detail
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia 09/10/13 2.65 Detail
Beijing, China 13/10/13 9.5 Detail
Xi'an, China 18/10/13 3.5 Detail
Chengdu, China 22/10/13 4.2 Detail
Hong Kong, Hong Kong 23/10/13 3.11 Detail
Hong Kong, Hong Kong 24/10/13 5.8 Detail
Hong Kong, Hong Kong 26/10/13 4.1 Detail
Singapore, Singapore 29/10/13 1.5 Detail
Phnom Penh, Cambodia 31/10/13 3.11 Detail
Siam Reap, Cambodia 04/11/13 2 Detail
Bangkok, Thailand 07/11/13 3.11 Detail
Ban San Kamphaeng, Thailand 09/11/13 6.5 Detail
Chiang Mai, Thailand 11/11/13 3.5 Detail
Phuket, Thailand 15/11/13 2.5 Detail
Ao Nang, Thailand 22/11/13 3 Detail
Ao Nang, Thailand 24/11/13 4 Detail
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 27/11/13 4.5 Detail
Penang, Malaysia 01/12/13 3.11 Detail
Berrylands, UK 02/12/13 4.14 Detail